Meeting Dr. Joseph Pizzorno

Meeting Dr. Joseph Pizzorno

Last month I was in San Diego attending a week long conference of the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine (AIHM). What a refreshing gathering of so many different health specialists and generalists, truly representative of my ideal in holistic and integrative care of patients.


Dr. Joseph Pizzorno at the AIHM conference 2016 – Looking dapper as ever despite three consecutive lectures without break!

One of the highlights for me was to attend a set of lectures given by Dr. Joseph Pizzorno and then to meet him for the first time. He is one of the founders of Bastyr University. I’ve been in touch with him for the past couple of years now because of his kind willingness to pen the foreword of my first book in the Every Body’s Guide to Everyday Pain series, Volume One – Put Out the Fire. Until now we had only corresponded remotely and so this was the first chance I’d had to meet in person this man I’m so grateful to.

I was in disbelief for quite some time that this natural health care giant was willing to associate his name with a project like mine – very much still in its infancy.

What I’ve learned about him during the process is how generous, gracious and humble he is and all of this was just confirmed by our in-person meeting in San Diego. He was practically mobbed by eager attendees after his lectures and despite being worn out from travel and an unusually long consecutive series of lecture hours without a break, he responded with patient kindness to everyone’s questions.

The topic of Dr. Pizzorno’s most recent research and writing work is environmental health.

The area of study referred to as “environmental health” concerns itself with the effect that inorganic compounds in our environment  exert on our overall well-being, whether those be naturally occurring or human-made.

It is an essential piece to the puzzle when considering the three possible triggers of everyday pain.  Exposure to these compounds can be one of the significant influences responsible for triggering an imbalance in our biochemistry – the precise factor that can add to our inflammatory toxin load and set us up for pain.  When chemistry is out of balance it can profoundly change our emotional coping and in turn our mechanical stressors as we translate emotion into posture.

Environmental toxin exposure is an awesome topic demanding supreme command of the research which Dr. Pizzorno clearly has with unique affinity.  He is in the process of preparing for the release of a new book on the topic:

The Toxin Solution: How Hidden Poisons in the Air, Water, Food, and Products We Use Are Destroying Our Health, and What We Can Do to Fix It

And there is another book in the works for a few years down the road of a more didactic nature.  I’m very excited to see both and will be heavily referencing this work for Volume Two – Fix the Fire Damage of my pain book series.


A Return to Writing (Health)

A Return to Writing (Health)

IMG_3980What an encouraging 3-4 month-long “trip” this has been since the release of my first book Every Body’s Guide to Everyday Pain Volume One – Put Out the Fire.  You may have heard that it’s now available through, Barnes & Noble, at the book website and for bookstores and libraries through the major distributor Ingram.

That first volume lays the important groundwork behind the reasons and causes for our everyday aches and pains. Now it’s getting to be time that I start piecing together the much anticipated Volume Two – Fix the Fire Damage.  This next book will continue striving to mirror the ideal experience of a typical patient under my care.  The next step after gaining an understanding of the pain is to repair and rehabilitate.  Everyone’s path looks a little different based on their individual situations but there are some common principles that apply to all of us, based on what is revealed in Volume One.

I’m excited to share those insights with more people now that I see and hear how helpful this first book has been.  There are more photos to organize and action steps to share with readers.  Another exciting feature to this next volume will be interview material that I am preparing to gather from outstanding complementary healthcare professionals.

To truly reflect the multi-pronged approach to everyday pain that I advocate for in my practice, there is just no way that I could consider moving forward with this project without reflecting the voices of a larger healthcare community.  Stay tuned for how that unfolds through some fun video sneak-peeks of my progress with willing participants!

There is also a wealth of experience and perspective that I gained while doing a short publicity tour of podcasts and radio shows over the past several months.  I’ll be sharing some of my thoughts about those in this blog feed throughout the next year or so.  The many gracious hosts who took an interest in myself and my project inspired me to elaborate further on some book matter and I’ll be addressing some of that here as well as in my next two volumes.

I am discovering how much I love wearing these new hats: Indie Publisher and Indie Author.  Creatively speaking, it’s extremely rewarding to me and I never shy away from the challenge of hard work – which it has definitely been. IMG_4113A steep learning curve but, much like what classroom teaching offered me years ago,  this process provides invaluable perspective to my one-on-one time with patients and vice versa.

The whirlwind of the past year took its toll on my self-care as can be expected.  But now I’ve had my turn at returning to my own health by applying some of the principles in my book – restoring my physical, chemical and emotional balance – I live fervently by the conviction to “begin again” without judgement or guilt any time I stray from healthy routine.  Ups and downs are such a part of life.  I embrace it all and I hope you will too.

I’m ready now, to buckle down with the creation process again and return to writing.  Thankfully this stage won’t take 5 years like the first book did.  My publishing team is firmly in place and the book production path has been forged.  It’ll be easier to find again during the next round.


Book Pick of the Week: Every Body’s Guide to Everyday Pain

Book Pick of the Week: Every Body’s Guide to Everyday Pain

Such an honor! Feeling humbled.

Gotta Love It


None of us can escape getting older, but we certainly can minimize or even eliminate many of the aches and pains we experience, simply by learning how to understand and work with our bodies.

Dr. Y-Ling J. Liou, D.C. offers a user-friendly guide to getting rid of the hurt in her just released book, “Every Body’s Guide to Everyday Pain.”

How you move throughout your day greatly impacts the amount of pain you experience, and Dr. Liou does an excellent job of explaining the relationship between inflammation and pain, with plenty of practical suggestions (illustrated) to take the reader to a new normal of less “ouch” and more “aah”.

Every Body’s Guide to Everyday Pain – Gotta Love It!

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